Tequila Stave Lamp #1

Tequila Stave Lamp #1

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Recycled staves from tequila barrels are formed and wrapped with braided flat iron to create the unique look of this lamp. Hand made. As shown with 15" cylinder authentic raw hide shade in Amber.Includes a ball finial and a harp.
8.5 x 31"
12.5 Lbs
Raw hide shade may have imperfections and branding. Please keep this in mind when ordering. If no markings are desired, please contact us via phone or email. Tequila stave will vary in width and may have markings from the tequila factory.


Tequila stave will vary in width. We do are best to match staves when ordered in pairs. However, we cannot guarantee exact size matches. Tequila staves often have markings or writing from the tequila factories. If you do not want such markings, you must contact us and request no markings.

All our lighting products are electrified with UL approved parts.

Piece is handmade. Allow 1 to 4 weeks for delivery.