Tequila Barrel Wall Candle Holder

Tequila Barrel Wall Candle Holder

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A unique combination of a tequila barrel stave and hand flat forged iron. Made from recycled materials. Size and color may vary. Natural flaws may occur. Staves may have markings from the tequila factory.

L 3.5? x W 6? x H 23? (Measurements on these candle holders will vary slightly due to the use of recycled tequila barrel staves)


Tequila stave will vary in width. We do are best to match staves when ordered in pairs. However, we cannot guarantee exact size matches. Tequila staves often have markings or writing from the tequila factories. If you do not want such markings, you must contact us and request no markings.

Tequila Barrel Wall Candle Holder – Please refer to the Product Page for care instructions.

Holds 3 inch candles

Piece is handmade. Allow 1 to 4 weeks for delivery.