Bull Chief ~ Apsorake by Edward Curtis

Bull Chief ~ Apsorake by Edward Curtis

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Digitally remastered Edward Curtis prints.

Bull Chief was a fierce warrior who led his warriors into battle with the United States Army in the Great Plains, raiding white settlements during the course of the 1870s, operating in Apsaroke territory to help his people survive against the westward expansion. But after the wars were over, he moved to the Crow Reservation.

Bull Chief never led any war-parties out of camp, but on four occasions he did take detachment parties trying to return home, and with them always returned home with undisputed honor.[2] On three separate occasions Bull Chief dismounted his horse during battle and single handedly managed to hold the opposing company back.[2] During his lifetime, up until he had his interview with Edward S. Curtis, Bull Chief killed three Sioux, two Nez Percés, one Shoshoni, and two Piegan.[2] He was a member of Never Shoots, Packs Game clan, and Fox organization.[2] Although Bull Chief decided to never accept the lance of the Fox organization, they had him as the head of their processional four times, showing he was the bravest man present.

Edward S. Curtis, 1907-30, Suppl., v. 4, pl. 128.

Printed on metallic paper medium to enhance the gold tones of the original image. Also available in canvas wrap. 

*Watermark removed on final print.