Billy Buffalo Footstool

Billy Buffalo Footstool

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Time to relax and unwind? Look no farther than our Friendly Footstools—the warm and furry place for your feet to flop! These delightfully fuzzy friends are constructed with a rugged wooden frame to support up to several hundred pounds, padded with plush covering for huggable comfort. With their own personality and look, our footstools are highly durable and adorable with extra padding on the feet to protect hardwood floors. Sturdy enough for adults to sit on or for children to ride on, our Friendly Footstools are fun and versatile for the whole family!

Welcome to the Wild West, where buffalo wander the prairies and plains! Billy the bison loves to wallow and play in the cool river valleys—his shaggy brown fur and black-tipped mane can get a little warm. A social animal, Billy loves to be with his herd, grazing the grasses. Do you have a home where Billy can roam?

Materials: Polyester Plush.

Care: Spot clean.

Dimensions: 26"L x 12"W x 16"H