CrookedWood Gallery

About the Artist:

David Gantt, Jr.

Best known for creating beautiful rustic art & furnishings from various wood but primarily the incredible, natural twisted shapes created by Juniper. Many of the pieces David has created came from dead stand, reclaimed wood and pieces found on hikes through the West. Some were almost lost to the elements but saved in the nick of time. Juniper is particularly challenging; from harvesting in the High Rockies, to debarking and sanding down to the finished product. Relatively few artist work in this medium, due to the hours and skill necessary to bring out its inner beauty. Juniper is particularly gratifying to work with, as it has very light grained, ‘live’ sections contrasted by dark, full grained section that creating a beautiful dichotomy. David lets the spirt of the wood manifest itself rather than force his idea of what it should be and lets the form flow naturally into the final presentation.