Rustic Decorating Trends: Whats Hot Right Now!

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Bring Outside In

During these cold, snowy winter months natural lines, colors and textures will bring warmth and movement into your living environment; as well as sooth the spirit.  You can accomplish this with natural wood or fiber products:

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Compliment your rustic earth tones with vibrant color.  We rustic home owners love our earth tones, but adding color can really set the tone for the room.  Add bright vibrant colors to eating areas for an upbeat mood or deep jewel tones to bedrooms for a relaxing atmosphere.

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Rustic decor is all about using and reusing beautiful things.  Whether it is the wood, iron or glass re-purposing things make us feel connected to the past and those that came before us. 

Make it Personal

Make your house a home by adding personal touches.  All of us love the magazine perfect living room, having something one of a kind makes your home yours.  You can do this by personalizing an item or through one of a kind art. These saddle bar stools are made with unique saddles and can be personalized with wood burning on the back:



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