Hot Design Trends for Fall

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According to Elle Decor, one of the hot looks this year will be the Artisnal instead of DIY.  People are looking for hand-crafted artistic pieces, such as blown glass and recycled wood.  Time to drop the hot-glue gun and let the artists do their thing.  We here at CrookedWood believe that unique, quality craftsman pieces are always in style. One of our favorite examples of this is found in our lighting collection.  Our artists custom make each order to the customer's specifications, allowing you to choose the finish of the wrought iron and match that to the handblown glass shade of your choice, creating your own masterpiece.

Custom wrought-iron lamp with custom hand blown glass shade.  Made to order in a variety of finishes and colors

Another trend, according to Lush Home, is recycling and green ideas in decor.  We pride ourselves in working with artists who repurpose and upcycle natural products!  Our furniture collection showcases artists who embody this philosophy and are experts in creating upscale, quality, handmade rustic furniture.


Rustic Reclaimed Barnwood TV Stand Country Roads Collection

Vogue says that Artisan-Crafted Furniture will be hot this yearAccording to interior designer Beth Diana Smith, the new year will include an emphasis on uniquely crafted furniture. “People will be going back to furniture that is more of an investment—furniture that is very well-made,” Smith says.  We couldn't agree more, that is why our one of a kind signature piece for the fall is our rustic/modern hand-made stump table - sure to be a family heirloom.  As with all of our custom wood pieces, each one is as unique and different as the tree it came from, so it will always be a one of a kind creation.  If the one you love has already found a home, please don't despair, just reach out to us and we can make a piece just for you.  

Rustic Juniper Stump Table by CrookedWood

Rustic Turquoise Inlaid Colorado Juniper Side Table with Hairpin Legs


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