Bringing Nature Inside: Decorating with the Elements

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There have been countless studies showing the benefits of getting back to nature - both physically, psychologically and improved sleep.  So why not bring those elements into your home? You don't have to remodel or have a green thumb to enhance your living space with elements of nature.

Natural Lighting:

CrookedWood Blog: Bringing Nature Inside

Not many of us are lucky enough to have a view or outdoor space like this, but we can use what we have.  Natural daylight will do wonders for you, thanks to vitamin D.  So throw open those curtains and use the windows you have to let in the daylight and improve your view of nature.  If you are not crazy about your view, then change it! Install window boxes and plant flowers, hang bird feeders to bring a bit of nature to you.

Using the nature available to you:

Whether you have a small patio or acres of land, use the outside of your home as an additional living space.  Having a comfortable area in the fresh air is a wonderful way to recharge your batteries.  

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Wall Art:

Create a great view with wall art.  You can use photography to give you the view you have always dreamed of.

CrookedWood's Aspens in Fall

This is the easiest way to bring some natural elements into your decorating, wall art comes in so many colors and sizes it is very easy to fit your space and match your current decor.

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Natural Wood Products:

This is one of my favorite ways to bring the outdoors in my home.  Natural wood products, especially the pieces that are kept in their natural state, bring a warmth and movement that can not be replicated by man-made furnishings.  

CrookedWood Rustic Juniper Floor Lamp

This table/lamp combo is a perfect example. The smooth surface and twisted grain makes you feel like you are sitting in the woods.  The knots and imperfections are exactly what makes the natural elements so unique and wonderful in decorating.  That is something that can not be reproduced in a factory, pure mother nature!

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